A Fall Update

I would say I'm bad at keeping up with this but you're probably already aware. It might be better to just sign up for those email alerts whenever I decide to type these out, or just follow me on instagram, I'm pretty active there.

Anyways, here's what I've got cooking:

So, Grape Pie was a success this summer. I sold some books to people other than my mother so that's a big deal in my book. People seem to like it. That's kind of what I was hoping would happen.

I have a couple projects cooking up right now. One you should hear about soon, the other one I was hoping would be done in the summer but is still in production. Stay tuned for that, it seems like it's coming to an end but you really never know.

Anyways, I know you all are curious what I'm really up to and that is studying Oprah and figuring out how to market myself half as well. Today I learned she has her own soup brand now. This lady has her own soup, her own show, her own magazine, her own church, I mean, what else can she diversify into now? Soaps? Oprah's Soaprah? Or maybe she can dive into the political realm, start her own Oprahbican party, and have her mascot be the underside of a chair. Either way, I want to get there.

All the best,