Update Apr. 18 Release Date and Putt Putt

Hello whoever you are,

I have some good news about my book. It is being released. Grape Pie will be released on June 9th. That is Friday, June 9th. So mark your calendars.

There will be three options available for order. There will be a softcover, a hardcover, and an ebook. I’m a cheap guy so I get it. I just want people to read the book, so I’m offering some cheaper access points. However, I am still offering nicer books for those that really want the full experience. Pricing will be announced later, but don’t expect it to be outrageous.

Now that that’s all said can we talk about putt putt? Why is there not a professional sect of the sport? Yes I am aware of golf, however, you’re telling me that people will watch the Master’s but not watch two guys try to figure out how to get their ball unstuck from underneath a gorilla in a pirate costume? You’re telling me that they will watch Rory McIlroy stare down a putt for ten minutes but not watch a guy walk the plank over a green colored pool to putt around Davey Jone’s Locker? Yeah whatever. People go nuts for neon colored pirates and I know I would watch the heck out of some professional putters work through an unlicensed Pirates of the Caribbean course. That would be incredible.