Who is this guy?

Clint Bright is an artist who is serious about being not serious. He pursues the nonsensical and tries to find humor and delight in the small things in the world. His art, mostly cartoons, capture this silliness. 

Check out his book Grape Pie which released last summer if you really want to know more about him. 

Writing this all in the third person is one of the more vain things I've done. 


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Where do your concepts come from?

I notice a lot of random things throughout my day that make me chuckle and I also have a very active imagination. I usually combine these two things to make some really "dumb" ideas. The sillier the idea the more likely it will become a piece.
I have more fun with these than I should.

Why do you make art?

I make art because I have a basic need to create. If I didn't create consistently I would feel very wrong, so instead, I draw and paint. My sense of humor has also permeated these processes as time has gone by and it in itself has become a driving force as well.

Did you write your Own frequently asked questions?

Yes I did.